Tea for Sims

Heeey…looks like a lot of those store sets that looked like they should have been included in the expansions are now being included in the expansions.


Decided to make a proper post about this haha…

So I’m gonna start a new legacy (blame Luisa she got excited about it ;D) and I’m gonna make a girl sim for it. But as you guys know I’m useless at making male sims and I need some :( so if anybody would like to make me a male sim I would be really…

Ocelot is always available, because I love him:


And there’s a couple guys crammed into here:

or here:     http://teatimeforsims.blogspot.com/search/label/sim

Good luck with your legacy :)

I haven’t patched my game in 5 million years, and I embarrassed to play with a game that is so outright passe. 

What are the towns you seem to keep going back to?

For me, I seem to gravitate to Twinbrook, Moonlight Falls and Riverblossom Hills (by Kiwi) with a dash of Lucky Palms (so glad that last year’s Cyber Monday had actually good deals) for flavor.

I opened up the game to check out Gelina’s lighting tweaks, but I got distracted and did landscaping.

Dumpling and his CAS genetic donors.


Look at this adorable baby I got while playing with genetics in CAS.

Look at this adorable baby I got while playing with genetics in CAS.

Hunny Heart.  Not my usual type of alien, but I hope that’s ok.

Her file isn’t ready yet because somebody couldn’t resist hitting the Genie button, thus losing an hour’s worth of tinkering in CAS.

I will need to work on her tomorrow, because I have other projects to work on tonight. :/