Tea for Sims

Well, if you were feeling bad about not getting free premium content because you bought the expansions already, don’t.

It looks like the sale doesn’t work, anyway.


That poor person is handling it better then I think I would.

First thing in MONTHS that catches my eye on the Daily Deal, and of course the website is not letting me log in.

EA, this is why you don’t get invited to parties.

Heeey…looks like a lot of those store sets that looked like they should have been included in the expansions are now being included in the expansions.


Decided to make a proper post about this haha…

So I’m gonna start a new legacy (blame Luisa she got excited about it ;D) and I’m gonna make a girl sim for it. But as you guys know I’m useless at making male sims and I need some :( so if anybody would like to make me a male sim I would be really…

Ocelot is always available, because I love him:


And there’s a couple guys crammed into here:

or here:     http://teatimeforsims.blogspot.com/search/label/sim

Good luck with your legacy :)

I haven’t patched my game in 5 million years, and I embarrassed to play with a game that is so outright passe. 

What are the towns you seem to keep going back to?

For me, I seem to gravitate to Twinbrook, Moonlight Falls and Riverblossom Hills (by Kiwi) with a dash of Lucky Palms (so glad that last year’s Cyber Monday had actually good deals) for flavor.

I opened up the game to check out Gelina’s lighting tweaks, but I got distracted and did landscaping.

Dumpling and his CAS genetic donors.


Look at this adorable baby I got while playing with genetics in CAS.

Look at this adorable baby I got while playing with genetics in CAS.