Tea for Sims

More Jericho.

On a whim I tried purchasing an unfurnished apartment.  Why?  I don’t really know.

So I had fun with the new patch content, store stuff I had no idea I owned, and CC I abuse all the time.

And then I let Peppercorn see her new digs.   But only the kitchen and living room, because I ran out of oomph for the bathroom and bedroom.

It looks like a stunning town!  But I don’t know if my computer can handle it.  :(

  1. skasumi said: The mustache wall and the pink accents are doing it for me. I dig this place.
  2. smirkinggirlsims said: I am absolutely in love with that decorating job, holy cow.
  3. susiesims3 said: Okay .. what new patch content?! I have patch 1.29 but I haven’t actually noticed any new content.. maybe its because I didn’t know to look for it. Hmm I shall ponder that whilst I drink tea like the queen with an erect pinky “,
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