Tea for Sims
G. R. Rs other profession - Imgur

G. R. Rs other profession - Imgur

Tell me to stop being anxious, and to just enjoy painting. 


Decided to make a proper post about this haha…

So I’m gonna start a new legacy (blame Luisa she got excited about it ;D) and I’m gonna make a girl sim for it. But as you guys know I’m useless at making male sims and I need some :( so if anybody would like to make me a male sim I would be really…

Ocelot is always available, because I love him:


And there’s a couple guys crammed into here:

or here:     http://teatimeforsims.blogspot.com/search/label/sim

Good luck with your legacy :)

I don’t think my Tumblrmail is working.

In other news I decided to buy 30 baby orchid hybrids.  Both parents grow to be monsters, so I guess I’ll just need to become a pro-gamer multimillionaire so I can build an attached greenhouse.  

I once got a 9 on Flappybird, so I think this plan could work.

Okay April Fool’s Day, we get it.  You’re very clever. Haha.

Now, shhh….

Nooo…I didn’t do any paintings for March.  I only have a few hours left.




Please tell me this isn’t an April fool’s joke because I will cry.

If you’re scrolling past this right now because you don’t want to watch a video you are incredibly wrong.

pixelpuppetry replied to your post “We had a big snow storm and a lot of the school buses got caught up in…”

It is!!! Too bad my boyfriend wanted to play. Had to erase my (already completed) save game in order to let him. :(

I know those feels.  It’s what happened to my Yellow, Red, Ruby, and SoulSilver.   This time we picked up both versions because 1) we’re crazy and 2)one of them came free with Animal Crossing. 

We had a big snow storm and a lot of the school buses got caught up in trees because the weather made them skittish.

In other news, Pokemon X is so cute. :O