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Multiple eyes accessory content avaiable at SimMist

(Tag #ts3multipleeyes and IΒ΄ll reblog your pictures ^_^)


*Accessory - glasses




simminglystrange and I play some TS4 for you peasants. We demonstrate why you shouldn’t listen to pop songs before playing video games.


I think I will officially be back next week. :)

Can someone explain the Simblreen thing to me? I’ve seen it the last two years on here but I don’t 100% understand how it works.Β 

Here is a visual guide:


Basically just track the simblreen tag.Β  And when people post that their porch light is on, send them a fan mail or ask and they will send you a gift. :)

If you have more specific questions we will basically rush to answer them. :)

Welcome back!


It’s officially October.


Just kidding but since it is now October I wanted to let you all know my game plan for this Simblreen.

Whole month of October: A photo a day to keep the monsters away.(ha I rhymed) But yes lots of spooky themed sims and photoshoots coming up! I’m also going to try to…


Hey Spooky babes!
Simblreen is nearly upon us and I thought I’d give you an early gift!
”This is my creppy spoopy costume" shirts for YA M&F
Creppy & Spoopy are still a thing, right? oh, idk.
They’re recolourable! & also not perfect cause this is pretty much my first try.
The meshes are from here & here
Don’t reupload anywhere, no paysites etc.
No claiming as your own either, you butt.
Any problems just shoot me a message!

Simblreen Brew #8Sweet Simblreen 2014
Pretty Good
6 Honeys
4 Apples
(πŸŽƒ It’s October!  It’s October! πŸŽƒ)

Simblreen Brew #8
Sweet Simblreen 2014

Pretty Good

  • 6 Honeys
  • 4 Apples

(πŸŽƒ It’s October!Β  It’s October! πŸŽƒ)

Simblreen Brew #7Simblreen Hot Cocoa NectarPretty Good
5 Meloire Grapes
3 Flame Fruits
2 Cocoa pods
(Are you excited for Simblreen yet?  :) )

Simblreen Brew #7

Simblreen Hot Cocoa Nectar

Pretty Good

  • 5 Meloire Grapes
  • 3 Flame Fruits
  • 2 Cocoa pods

(Are you excited for Simblreen yet?Β  :) )

Since trying out so many nectar recipes, I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way.Β  Might as well try to save people some hassle!

The first is that the nectar blend rating is different from the quality of the nectar.Β  It’s like baking, I guess…some recipes will have potential to taste better then others.Β  But a well made recipe with good ingredients will win out over a recipe with more potential but that was made with poor ingredients.Β  Er, if that makes sense?

So this recipe is a Great blend.Β  Yay!Β  But the bottles are excellent because all the produce used was Excellent or Perfect.

Also, here are some aggravating things to notice:

  • The quality of the blend is not listed on the bottle
  • The bottles only list three ingredients.

So here are the things I need to write down:

  • The quality of the blend (in this case, it was rated as “great”)
  • The recipe, if I used more then three ingredients

I hope these tips spare people some hassle, and make nectar more fun. Cheers!

Simblreen Brew #5Night Buzz Simblreen Chartreuse 
3 Buzzberries,1 Chamomile,1 Lavender, 1 Midnight Bean,1 Blackberry,1 Cinnamon,1 Sweetgrass,1 Ginseng
Pretty Good

Simblreen Brew #5
Night Buzz Simblreen Chartreuse

3 Buzzberries,
1 Chamomile,
1 Lavender,
1 Midnight Bean,
1 Blackberry,
1 Cinnamon,
1 Sweetgrass,
1 Ginseng

Pretty Good

It’s so cool to see Simblreen stuff. :)

But if you can be around for it, the “big” part of Simblreen starts October 24th.Β Β  The knocking on doors!Β  Handing out treats! My favorite!